Penetration Testing

Simply put iiCYBER are penetration testing experts. Our business leadership has worked for top firms who are in the “cyber” business. We are have conducted hundreds of penetration tests. We are comprehensive and nobody does it better.


Why bother with testing? If your network has not been hardened, if your security is haphazard or your company has grown quickly – chances are very high that your business is vulnerable. to cyber attacks.

iiCYBER approaches network security for first fining your business vulnerabilities, then we help you implement cost effective improvements and only then do we conduct thorough penetration tests.


What do we look for?

  • Port Scanning
  • System Identification
  • Services Identification
  • Router Testing
  • Firewall Testing
  • Intrusion Detection System Testing
  • Trusted Systems Testing
  • Password Cracking
  • Denial of Service Testing
  • Containment Measures Testing
  • Information Security
  • Document Grinding
  • Request Testing
  • Infrared Systems Testing
  • PBX Testing
  • Voicemail Testing
  • Modem Testing
  • Perimeter Penetration
  • Access Controls Testing
  • Guided Suggestion Testing
  • Trust Testing
  • Wireless Security
  • Wireless Network Testing
  • Cordless Communications Testing
  • Alarm Response Testing