Intellectual Property

There has been an unprecedented transfer of wealth due in large part to the loss of intellectual property.

Every company should have has a comprehensive digital profile of what digital assets are being used by what employees and how often.  

What exactly is on an employee’s workstation, laptop, smart phone, etceteras?  

Moreover, what exactly is being accessed on a routine or casual basis?

At risk if misappropriation  – embezzlement of a firm’s most valuable assets – their “intellectual property” such as plans, patents, copies, formulas, trade secrets, employee responsibilities, firm trade information.  In addition a company needs to know what vendor information is used.

Intellectual property extends to a business’ contacts, contract terms, and business rates; material beyond product expiration dates.  Likewise, company credit cards can be vulnerable to cloning or outright theft.

Then there is  intellectual property loss that results from voluntary resignation or that is the result of a dismissal. Finally, employee identify theft can place employees at risk of everything from bullying to financial and emotional blackmail.

iiCYBER’s  electronic assessment is forensically thorough. We are capable of imaging hard drives and other assets, extracting or recovering emails and detailing findings in ways such as drive contact tables, search results, access history. We will, if requested preserve the evidence chain of custody that forensic examinations dictate.