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iiCYBER, LLC, we provide unparalleled cybersecurity.

We proactively identify,engage and defeat cyber threats.

Autonomous, Offensive and Defensive Cyber Capabilities…

We specialize in helping individuals and business organizations with the following:

  • Cyber Vulnerability
  • Penetration Testing
  • Email Forensics
  • Intellectual Property
  • Cyber Hardening

Cyber Vulnerability:

Cyber Vulnerabilities are central to business failures – not having Cyber Vulnerabilities is your key to business success.

Every day businesses are attacked, compromised, and some are driven out of business. Period.

What is at stake is not just reputation, its your customer’s privacy, their identities, credit cards, and their families.

Vulnerability Assesments

iiCYBER services start by creating detailed assessments of all you personal and business IT assets, hardware and installed software, physical and virtual status of systems, physical and virtual assessment of your networks, and just exactly what is your firm’s network configuration. We investigate from the inside out. We relentlessly search for flaws, quirks, oops and open endpoints.

iiCYBER realizes that every cyber threat situation is unique. Your own business laptops, mobile phones and insiders can pose big threats. At other times outsider attacks may be your business’ biggest risk. The bad guys will exploit any and all weak points to access your most valued IT assets.

Your cyber security is most effective when you know where every bit of data is and who has potential access to that data.

iiCYBER is in the business of mapping out your firm’s vulnerabilities and creating security policies that are consistent with and often exceeding the current cyber security industry standards.