Email Security and Forensics

iiCYBER excels with email. If it’s lost we can find it. If it’s been comprised we can help. If you want your electronic communications safe – we can ensure your communications are far more secure.


We are capable of providing enhanced secure email services. We excel at developing solutions for online web mail and email on various mobile devices  such as tablets and smart phones. Moreover we can recover and evaluate meta-data, contact information, erased files and images.


What’s the deal with email meta-data? Why make such a fuss? This has to do with how email is sent and received. Along with the message there is data such as who is the sender, who is the recipient, what their respective addresses are; timestamps, the paths and servers communication traveled. All this data is created with every electronic communication. This data is most of the time meaningless. Yet when bad things happen such as a cyber-attack, this meta-data is both incriminating and valuable. Even if the original email has been deleted, meta-data is saved on servers and disks and can be used to highlight who is behind a cyber-incident.


Do you realize that email archiving goes on for years? How about that email exists in multiple locations, not just on a laptop of desktop computer.


We are email experts and we know that the best way to get your business is to start by answering all of your  questions.